Storage shelving systems, file management system and document digitization services

The company document managers you’re looking for!

JUL Solutions is a family-owned-and-operated Quebec-based company, founded in 1973 by Gabriel J. Giguère under the name F.D. Jul. For nearly 50 years, the company has enjoyed great success in the area of filing, digitization and file storage solutions. During that time, Gabriel’s two sons, Alain and Stéphane, worked to hone their skills. As a result, they recently took the reins of the company, which now operates under the name of JUL Solutions. JUL Solutions is a human-centered company that advocates collaboration among the members of its experienced, specialized team of professionals, all of whom are qualified experts in their respective fields.

From the start, the vision of this company specializing in storage has been very simple: to transform your spaces into opportunities to make life easier for your company!
JUL Solutions, which focuses on human interaction, has two locations, one in Boisbriand on the North Shore of Montreal and another in Quebec City. This enables the specialized us to provide better service to our clientele from virtually every industry under the sun.

A comprehensive solution for company document management

Through the years, JUL Solutions has worked ardently with the goal of remaining at the forefront of new developments in the area of company document management. That’s why today the family business excels in manufacturing and distributing filing and storage products, in addition to providing document digitization service. We serve companies throughout Quebec, as well as in Ontario and the Maritimes. Our clients come from virtually every sector, including hospitals, clinics, professional services (notaries, lawyers, etc.), government agencies, financial institutions, libraries, industries of all types, retail and wholesale businesses (garages, sporting goods stores, etc.) and more.

Personalised file management system

Did you know that improper document filing can significantly hinder a company’s efficiency? Thanks to JUL Solutions’ file management system, you can save time and increase productivity by up to 40 percent! While filing is vitally important, all too many companies neglect this aspect of their operations.

At JUL Solutions, thanks to our experience and expertise, we understand the realities and demands companies face when it comes to filing, regardless of their line of business. That’s why we offer you a vast range of versatile, high-quality filing accessories, such as folders and archive boxes, to meet all of your needs. Our experts will perform an in-depth analysis of your situation in order to offer your company document manager a comprehensive solution. If you wish, this solution can include the design of your filing system.

The storage solution specialists

solutions de rangement et rayonnage des archivesAre you short on space in your company? Have you considered optimizing your existing space? With an efficient storage system, you can increase your workspace by up to 60 percent while also improving access to your records and files. JUL Solutions can fulfill all of your storage racking needs, whether for your office, your warehouse or otherwise, by replacing your traditional shelving with personalized storage shelving systems. In fact, we can offer you a comprehensive, personalized storage solution, including mobile shelving systems from the JulMobile line of products, fixed shelving or file shelves, lockers, blueprint storage, file boxes and more.

Our appraisers will come to your location, no matter where you are in Quebec, to offer you a custom solution adapted to your needs and will take the time to give you a detailed explanation of the possible outcomes.

Custom document digitization service

numérisation de documents d’archivesWould you like to reduce the volume of your company files in order to gain more office and storage space, in addition to facilitating quick access to your work documents? At JUL Solutions, we offer you high-quality, secure document digitization service that’s efficient and economical, in compliance with all applicable laws and in keeping with the strictest practices in the industry. In fact, our company can digitize the documents of high-security organizations, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Army.

We avail of professional-quality digitization equipment capable of scanning the content of files, blueprints and books at up to 600 images per minute with high photographic quality, as well as specialized optical character recognition (OCR) software. So if you’re looking for a professional digitization company, JUL Solutions fits the bill!

Our document digitization experts would be more than happy to meet with you to evaluate your needs (the quantity of documents to digitize, the access required during the different phases of digitization, image formats, etc.) and come up with a detailed personalized solution for digitizing your company documents.