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JUL Solutions has offices in Boisbriand, approximately 40 kilometers from downtown Montreal. From this location, our design analysts serve companies throughout western Quebec. The experts in our Boisbriand branch also perform professional document digitization. In fact, they have high-performance scanning devices, as well as the appropriate surveillance equipment to ensure the security and confidentiality of your records.

Call us anytime for further information about our services and products, or to make an appointment with a representative in your area. Check out our TEAM page to find direct contact information for our Boisbriand, Quebec office experts.

JUL Solutions
4940, Rue Ambroise-Lafortune, Boisbriand, QC J7H 1S6
T. 1 800 463-2849
T. (450) 434-2265

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Why JUL Solutions is the place to go for document filing, storage and digitization in the Montreal region

JUL Solutions is a document filing, storage and digitization company with offices in Boisbriand, on the North Shore of Montreal. This family-owned-and-operated Quebec-based company values collaboration, both with its clientele and within its teams of experts. That’s why, ever since JUL Solutions was created in 1973, the company has made it a goal to create a genuine bond and a relationship based on trust with each one of its clients. For many years, our teams of expert consultants have prioritized human interactions in order to guarantee the full satisfaction of our clients originating from virtually every business sector, including hospitals, clinics, professional services (notaries, lawyers, etc.), government agencies, financial institutions, libraries, a variety of industries and numerous other types of businesses (for example, garages, sporting goods stores, etc.). From the start, the vision of this document filing, storage and digitization company in Montreal has been to make life easier for companies by transforming their spaces into opportunities.

A company offering filing and storage systems and digitization services in Montreal

  • Custom filing solutions, based on your needs
    JUL Solutions offers you smart, professional document filing systems that are durable and personalized, including file folders, file boxes, colored labels, self-adhesive labels and much more. Make life easier in your company, save time and improve your bottom line by increasing productivity by up to 40 percent with our vast range of high-quality filing products and accessories.
  • Custom storage solutions for your company
    At JUL Solutions, thanks to our experience and expertise, we can offer you ingenious, scalable storage systems, tailored to meet the needs of your business. Save time and money with our durable, personalized storage products, including the various models of mobile shelving from our JULMobile series, metal shelves and more, enabling you to optimize your work and storage spaces and thereby increase your cost-effectiveness.
  • Professional business document digitization solutions
    JUL Solutions also offers you premium document digitization services. In fact, thanks to our professional-quality digitization equipment capable of scanning up to 600 images per minute, as well as our specialized optical character recognition (OCR) software, we can digitize all types of documents (records, blueprints, books, etc.) securely, efficiently and affordably, while fully complying with the strictest regulations and best practices in the industry.