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Caisse populaire Desjardins

For better customer service

The situation:
Filing errors were becoming a serious problem, making the search for client files way to long.

The solution:
A Kameleon shelving unit equipped with a JulMobile mechanical drive and a tailored colour-coded filing system; no more time wasted on fruitless searches.

Ordre des psychologues du Québec

To find room for everything, and still find everything

The situation:
An impressive number of files that were becoming difficult to manage.

The solution:
Three distinct systems, in three locations within the organization, all of them equipped with a JulMobile mechanical drive, that easily contains all of the files while making room to move, as well as a specially-designed colour-coding system to make searching easy.


To expand from the inside

The situation:
A laboratory that was becoming too small and needed serious reorganization.

The solution:
Mobile shelving units equipped with a mechanical drive that fit in a small space, allowing more room to circulate while ensuring optimal organization of all the products needed to get the job done.



To maximize storage space

The situation:
A stockroom too small for the needs of the store.

The solution:
Mobile shelving units that move front to back to allow access to their contents. We added whiteboards on the ends of the rows for stock identification.


For better control

The situation:
Limited storage space shared by three distinct departments.

The solution:
Mechanically driven mobile shelving units with locking doors for each department.

École des Explorateurs

Étagères de bibliothèque

Air Inuit

To free up space in the warehouse

The situation:
A lack of space in the warehouse due to the space occupied by the archives.

The solution:
A mobile storage system for archive boxes that reduced the space used for archival storage by almost 40%.