Did you say paperless office?
We answer with document scanning service

More and more, businesses are scanning their documents to reduce the physical file management and the space required to store everything.

Although it may seem cost-efficient, there are many legal rules and issues to consider. For instance, simply scanning documents using a desktop device is not good enough, legally speaking, if you wish to destroy the innumerable paper documents that are eating up your workspace. When scanned, a document is turned into an image (imaging). In business since 1973, Jul Solutions digitizes your documents, which means that it turns them into digital files via special programs offering optical character recognition (OCR), which will allow you to search them , much as if you had produced them on a computer.

Jul Solutions is qualified and certified to ensure the safe, secure, quick and economical imaging/digitization of all your documents, while complying with the strictest rules in the industry.

Advantages of professional imaging:

* Only documents digitized by a certified supplier retain their legal value after destruction of the physical documents.

Digitization service (document imaging/scanning)

Jul Solutions executes all its imaging and digitizing services in its Boisbriand office. The location is equipped with all the necessary surveillance devices to ensure safe and secure processing of your files.

First, our experts will assess your needs (quantity of documents, access to your documents during the process, image format, colour or black and white, etc.) and then, they will design a detailed plan especially for you.

Our imaging equipment
Not only does Jul Solutions have the necessary equipment to digitize your regular files, but we can also scan books and blueprints.

Quality control
Once the imaging process has been accomplished using our highly efficient equipment, our qualified staff will use specialized software to examine each image and ensure its integrity
and quality.

Finally, we will deliver your digital files on the medium of your choice: CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-Ray, external hard drive, USB key, independent secure server.

If you so wish, we can also ensure the destruction of your physical documents, three months after the digitization has been completed. In such cases, we will issue an official certificate of destruction. All documents entrusted to us are kept in a secure location with limited access to authorized personnel only.

Controlled Goods Program

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