Office relocation and equipment leasing services

You can move your office equipment with no worries.

With our leasing service, you can move your equipment and personal property securely without having to worry about a thing. We can provide you with all the accessories you need to store and move your materials: document boxes, transport containers, dollies and carts. When you do business with us to relocate your offices, you don’t need to call anyone else because we offer all the services you need!

We’re also here to serve you if you need to perform a small move, such as a few file cabinets or a piece of furniture, when you don’t have the necessary personnel or means of transport to do it yourself.

Services Entreprise JUL Solutions

Leasing service for office relocation

Services Entreprise JUL Solutions


Our document boxes are perfect for keeping your files in order and preventing anything from becoming lost. They help companies avoid numerous problems when they’re in the process of moving.

Services Entreprise JUL Solutions


Our carts make it easy to move even the heaviest and bulkiest items, including furniture, file cabinets and office equipment.

Services Entreprise JUL Solutions


If the move is staggered, our containers will come in handy for protecting your documents from dust and moisture while they’re in storage.

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