Lateral mobile shelving systems

Lateral mobile shelving systems Smart Storage Space

Optimize your existing space

Are you looking for ways to grow your work space? Expanding your office space or moving to larger premises are certainly legitimate solutions – but they can be really costly. A much better option is to optimize the space you already have!

At JUL Solutions, that’s precisely the option we favour. Our smart storage systems, available as part of our “JulMobile” brand, include products such as our lateral mobile shelving units, which are an effective space-optimization solution.

Smart storage = expanded work space

Our lateral mobile shelving system consists, first of all, of a back row of stationary shelving placed alongside a wall. Up to two rows of push-and-slide mobile shelving units – sitting on tracks – can be added in front of the stationary unit to complete the system. The push-and-slide movement allows you to shift any lateral mobile shelving unit for easy access to the middle or back row. As a result, your documents are always effortlessly within reach!

A custom storage solution that meets the needs of any office space

Thanks to this lateral mobile shelving system, you benefit from a custom storage solution that makes both effective and cost-effective use of your work space.

By boosting your storage capacity with our lateral mobile shelving system, you free up spaces in your workplace for more productive and profitable uses. Best of all, with this space-optimizing solution, there’s no need to expand or move!

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