Mechanical-assist mobile shelving with rotating handle

Mechanical assist mobile shelving with rotating handle

Storage solutions that make the most of your existing space

Getting the most out of a work space is often a matter of smart storage. To make the most efficient use of available floor and air space, one solution stands above all others: very high-density mobile shelving.

At JUL Solutions, we provide a variety of highly effective and efficient storage systems. More often than not, however, our clients choose a specific product for their storage needs, namely, our mechanical-assist mobile shelving with rotating handle. This very high-density mobile archive shelving system is part of our “JulMobile” brand, an attractive range of personalized storage solutions.

A popular choice – and understandably so!

As its name indicates, our mechanical-assist mobile shelving with rotating handle is a product equipped with a mechanically assisted system that allows you to move heavy shelving units quite easily and smoothly thanks to their rotating handles. As many of our customers already know, this product is a perfect choice for users who need units that are 48 inches (or 120 centimetres) long.

Since this is a personalized solution, you choose the size (height, width, depth) of the archive mobile shelving solution in accordance with your storage needs and space configurations.

With our mechanical-assist industrial mobile shelving with rotating handle, you get a custom storage solution that makes the most profitable use of your work space. No wonder our customers love it!

Solutions to complement our mobile storage systems

JUL Solutions is the place to go for file archive storage systems in Terrebonne, Boisbriand, Laval, Montreal, Quebec and throughout Eastern Canada. JUL Solutions proposes a full range of complementary products to help you optimize your work and storage spaces. In fact, we offer you custom document storage and filing systems, based on your needs. Our specialized technicians would be happy to come and meet with you in order to propose storage or filing systems or solutions specially designed for your company!

We can help you reduce the volume of your business documents through our secure, rapid and economical professional document digitization service. As a result, you’ll enjoy easy access to all your records and files! JUL Solutions is qualified to provide document digitization services that are in compliance with all applicable laws and in keeping with the strictest practices in the industry. What’s more, our company holds a certificate of registration with the Controlled Goods Program, permitting us to digitize the documents of high-security organizations, such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In our digitization center located in Boisbriand, near Terrebonne and Laval, we avail of cutting-edge professional equipment that can scan up to 600 images per minute. This equipment features specialized optical character recognition (OCR) software and can professionally digitize diverse types of documents, including records, books and even blueprints.

JUL Solutions is a family-owned-and-operated Quebec-based company that specializes in professional filing, storage, office furnishing and digitization solutions. We have been transforming clients’ work and storage spaces into opportunities since 1973, making life easier for their businesses! Thanks to the teams of expert technicians at our Quebec and Boisbriand locations, we can quickly and efficiently serve clientele throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces.

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