Mechanical-assist mobile shelving with rotating handle

Mechanical assist mobile shelving with rotating handle

Storage solutions that make the most of your existing space

Getting the most out of a work space is often a matter of smart storage. To make the most efficient use of available floor and air space, one solution stands above all others: very high-density mobile shelving.

At JUL Solutions, we provide a variety of highly effective and efficient storage systems. More often than not, however, our clients choose a specific product for their storage needs, namely, our mechanical-assist mobile shelving with rotating handle. This very high-density mobile shelving system is part of our “JulMobile” brand, an attractive range of personalized storage solutions.

A popular choice – and understandably so!

As its name indicates, our mechanical-assist mobile shelving with rotating handle is a product equipped with a mechanically assisted system that allows you to move heavy shelving units quite easily and smoothly thanks to their rotating handles. As many of our customers already know, this product is a perfect choice for users who need units that are 48 inches (or 120 centimetres) long.

Since this is a personalized solution, you choose the size (height, width, depth) of the mobile shelving solution in accordance with your storage needs and space configurations.

With our mechanical-assist mobile shelving with rotating handle, you get a custom storage solution that makes the most profitable use of your work space. No wonder our customers love it!

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