Office design trends to keep an eye on

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Office design trends to keep an eye on

While certain trends in office design began to emerge before 2020, the pandemic decidedly encouraged companies to bring their plans to fruition, change their in-person operating methods, and embrace the concept of hybrid work.

These trends place people at the center of the professional experience by combining comfort, security and eco-responsibility. The main objectives? Collaboration, productivity and convenience!

An office offering the space and flexibility of a home office

Now that the majority of businesses have adopted the practice of remote work to some degree or another, what amenities could you implement to make your offices warmer and more welcoming?

First, you should focus on safety by ensuring the presence of such elements as sanitizer dispensers, hand sinks, filtration systems to improve air quality and lockers for storing personal effects. All of these will help create a healthier workplace and restore confidence among your team members.

We’re also seeing increasingly diversified spaces. Departitioning was already a major trend before the pandemic, and many workplaces have continued implementing this practice now that public health authorities have lifted most of their restrictions. These open plans foster collaboration and interaction, as they combine large spaces, respect, reduced noise levels and increased illumination.

Along these same lines, you may have heard of “flex office” and “hot desking” in which employees are not assigned specific desks. Instead, they use desks on a first-come-first-served basis. Finally, don’t forget to incorporate dedicated rest areas in your layout. These spaces should include such amenities as armchairs, sofas and a kitchen with healthy snacks; in short, the comforts of home adapted to the workplace.

What about furnishings and technology? These should also be very flexible. You should rethink office ergonomics in order to permit your employees to work sitting down or standing up. In the interests of comfort, minimalism and collaboration, many businesses are opting for well-padded, rolling desk chairs, lighting with adjustable brightness levels and uncluttered workstations without piles of documents. Digitization will undoubtedly become one of your best means of preserving your important documents while guaranteeing a streamlined, harmonious work environment.

Digital transformation is also essential for enhancing performance and enabling the free exchange of ideas. You should never hesitate to equip your office with suitable tools for collaborative work and video conferencing. However, since there are limits to the latter, you should also opt for meeting room reservation software, which is the most recognized means of efficiently assembling your colleagues and optimizing the occupancy of your spaces.

Your new values: ecology, durability and naturalness

What’s the best way to feel at home in the workplace? Opt for large windows to let in plenty of natural light and favor the growth of large indoor plants. This return to natural elements has emerged out of another long-term tendency: our commitment to the environment. You may be surprised to learn that adopting this trend is easier than you think. Energy-saving lights, furnishings that are eco-responsible (sustainably manufactured or purchased second hand), recycled or reconditioned fabrics and other materials, more efficient heating and air conditioning, reduced use of paper, etc. There’s no lack of opportunities for you to do your part!

Your commitment to the environment and reduction of your environmental impact should be at the heart of your concerns when it comes to designing your workspace. In fact, in this post-COVID era, respect for our planet and a connection to nature are definitely linked to the quality of life and well-being that today’s employees demand.

Whether these trends seem obvious to you or they present certain challenges, one thing is certain: you’ll quickly become aware of their benefits, notably, a stronger company culture and, consequently, a stronger employer brand. But where do you begin? Contact JUL Solutions. The team of experts will be more than happy to talk to you about the best office layout, storage, filing and digitization solutions for significantly improving your workspaces.

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