A simplified, human-centered
approach to furnishing
your offices

Founded in 1973, JUL Solutions offers a variety of services related to moving and arranging office furnishings for companies of all sizes. Thanks to our many years of experience, the professionalism of our team and our fleet of trucks travelling throughout Quebec, we can offer you a simplified, human approach to setting up your workspaces. We stand out from the competition because of our transparency in project planning, our capacity to implement solutions adapted to suit our clients’ needs, our speedy execution and our rigorous attention to detail.

Would you prefer not to have to worry about a thing? Leave it to us! We’ll take care of everything from A to Z!

The office space furnishing experts

We offer all the necessary services to furnish, relocate or refurbish your offices. It’s not only a matter of delivering and setting up the furnishings, but also of providing guidance and support in every project and submitting a final written report of any shortfalls or defects. Our space and equipment leasing services, as well as our stand-alone services, are here to make your life easier!

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Specialized services

Personalized follow-up

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Why call on JUL Solutions for your refurbishing needs?


We’ll evaluate your needs before carefully orchestrating the refurbishing activities in order to minimize your team’s downtime.


We’ll take the necessary time to analyze your plans thoroughly before taking an inventory of your property in order to increase the productivity of our installation team.


We have all the necessary equipment to move and refile your important documents once we finish refurbishing your office spaces.

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Guidance and support throughout the installation process

Always based on layout plans, our refurbishing service allows you to reconfigure your workspace or move your equipment and the contents of your offices to a new location. We’ll guide and support you throughout the process in order to minimize any inconvenience so you can get back to work as soon as possible in fully functional offices!

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Before the work
We’ll schedule a visit to the new workspaces with you in order to familiarize ourselves with the premises and determine any constraints so we can avoid certain problems when furnishing them.

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During the work
We’ll move your old furnishings or deliver your new ones once your offices are ready. We’ll then move all of your equipment and personal property.

Services Entreprise JUL Solutions


After the work
Once we’ve completed the moving or refurbishing process, we’ll present you with a report of any shortfalls or defects so you can submit claims for any new materials that may be necessary and verify that everything is in order and that we haven’t forgotten or broken anything.

Stand-alone services throughout Quebec

We can help you with your minor office relocation or refurbishing projects. Our four trucks enable us to provide our services virtually anywhere in Quebec, so we should be the first people you call when you need help!

You can call on our services for minor jobs or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, whether to install shelving or supports, realign a surface, install castors on a chair or perform a repair.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for small refurbishing projects, such as setting up a temporary training room and then returning the room to its original condition once the training activities are finished.

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