Planning a successful office reorganization project

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Planning a successful office reorganization project

Are you thinking about rearranging your offices to optimize your use of the available space? Do you want to change the furnishings to something more modern and ergonomic? Or are you planning to relocate your offices in the near future? For your peace of mind, you’ll want to ensure that your refurbishing project goes smoothly, but this will require careful planning. By taking the time to prepare a detailed list of the steps you’ll need to take and the items you’ll need to move, you’ll greatly increase your chances of a successful reconfiguration.

Moving all of your files and work documents is no small matter. Luckily, you can count on the professionals at JUL Solutions, who are here to make your life easier! In fact, this family-owned-and-operated Quebec-based company offers you minor moving services. You can even lease all the bins, boxes and containers you need from them.

Worry-free office refurbishing

JUL Solutions has the necessary materials and personnel to offer office reorganization services that include moving or replacing your furniture, filing systems, shelving and other furnishings. They can also provide you with incomparable rental service, enabling you to obtain the storage and moving accessories you need to transport all of your office furnishings safely, easily and efficiently. These specialists can furnish the following:

  • Document boxes: You can avoid numerous problems when moving your company files and documents by using document boxes from JUL Solutions. They’ll help you keep everything in order and prevent you from losing anything!

  • Transport containers: Sometimes a move may take longer than anticipated, forcing you to put some of your company records in storage. In this case, the transport containers from JUL Solutions are ideal, as they offer superior protection from dust and moisture. As a result, you’ll be able to keep all of your documents intact.

Consider our document digitization service

Have you thought about having your company documents digitized? This technique, which enables you to reduce the volume of your records and files, will help you increase your office and storage space, while facilitating rapid access to all of your work documents. If your office refurbishing or relocation project is scheduled within the next few months, think about calling on the experts at JUL Solutions, who will be happy to advise you and help you avoid numerous problems.

The professionals at JUL Solutions have the experience and expertise to provide company document digitization service that’s quick, secure and economical, in full compliance with all applicable laws and the strictest industry practices. These experts will create a detailed custom plan based on your needs (the number of documents to digitize, the access required during the various stages of the digitization process, the format of the images, etc.).

Their digitization center in Boisbriand, which is monitored by surveillance equipment to guarantee the security of your documents, is equipped with professional-quality digitization devices that can scan the content of files, blueprints and books at a rate of up to 600 images per minute with high photographic quality. The equipment also features specialized software that provides optical character recognition (OCR), making your documents searchable, just as if you had created them in a word-processing program on a computer.

By using JUL Solutions’ premium professional document digitization service, you’re sure to streamline the costs of your office refurbishing project!

Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at JUL Solutions for all your office reorganization and relocation needs! They’ll be happy to give you all the professional advice you need to ensure that your new office arrangement is a resounding success.

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