tendance pour aménagement de bureau

Office design trends to keep an eye on

While certain trends in office design began to emerge before 2020, the pandemic decidedly encouraged companies to bring their plans to fruition, change their in-person operating methods, and embrace the concept of hybrid work. These trends place people at the center of the professional experience... Lire la suite >

réaménagement de bureau

Planning a successful office reorganization project

Are you thinking about rearranging your offices to optimize your use of the available space? Do you want to change the furnishings to something more modern and ergonomic? Or are you planning to relocate your offices in the near future? For your peace of mind,... Lire la suite >

aménagement de bureau

Where to begin when furnishing a professional office

Did you know that the way a professional office is furnished plays a significant role in the productivity of the work teams? Much more than simply a matter of decoration, the furnishings in a company space can potentially affect teamwork, as well as the efficiency... Lire la suite >

solution de rayonnage mobile

Why opt for a mobile shelving solution?

Are you looking for a high-density shelving solution for your company? Are you wondering if this type of system is truly effective and worth the investment? JUL Solutions can satisfy all of your storage needs, whether for your office, your warehouse or elsewhere, by replacing... Lire la suite >

arrière-boutique Adidas

Commercial storage shelving, a solution for your stockroom

Are you looking for an efficient, optimized storage solution for the back room of your store? Do you have a drastic shortage of storage space in your stockroom, hindering your ability to meet the demands of your customers? Does your current commercial shelving system take... Lire la suite >

les étapes de la numérisation des documents

The steps involved in document digitization

These days, more and more companies throughout Quebec are looking to reduce the volume of their company files in order to gain more office and storage space, in addition to facilitating quick access to their work documents. The solution? Professional digitization of their documents and... Lire la suite >

numérisation professionnelle des documents

Digitalization: The Economical Solution

Nowadays, companies of all sizes are looking to digitize. People are on the move and want to access their information whenever, from wherever, while also keeping it safe in case, heaven forbid, disaster should strike. Want to make room or downsize? Want to clear out... Lire la suite >

solutions de rangement et rayonnage des archives

File shelving solutions at unbeatable prices

Adequate file shelving is essential for any company that values its documents. Healthy file management not only enables a company to comply with the legal requirements imposed by our government but also serves as the cornerstone of that company’s financial health. What filing solutions are... Lire la suite >