File shelving solutions at unbeatable prices

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File shelving solutions at unbeatable prices

Adequate file shelving is essential for any company that values its documents. Healthy file management not only enables a company to comply with the legal requirements imposed by our government but also serves as the cornerstone of that company’s financial health.

What filing solutions are available to your company?

Is the paperwork piling up so fast that you’re spending way too much time looking for the documents you need? If so, this would be a great time to opt for a filing system that will help you put your priorities in order. However, before choosing one system or another, it’s a good idea to pinpoint your needs.

What are your needs?

If you want to establish an efficient, easy-to-use administrative filing system, the first step is to ask yourself the right questions. Should you file your documents by client or by type? Is it more practical to use file folders or file pockets? Should you file everything alphabetically, chronologically or by subject? Do you have a significant number of documents to file? Is it necessary to use cabinets or shelves? You should clarify all of these considerations from the start. By knowing the precise needs of your company in terms of filing, it will be easier for you to find the most suitable and efficient solutions.

Mobile shelving solutions

Do you have numerous documents to file? A mobile filing system might be just what you need, especially if you’re looking to optimize your storage space. The advantages are many.

Benefit from additional space

Is it possible to store an increased volume of files while reducing the amount of room it takes to store them? Yes, it is! Not to mention that mobile shelving offers the additional advantage of adapting perfectly to your office space. Double the storage capacity with more room to move around!

Optimize your profits

Mobile storage enables you to store more files for less money. You can easily increase your storage capacity and employ your unutilized space in a more cost-effective manner.

JUL Solutions proposes multiple mobile shelving solutions to meet your needs. Below, you’ll find the principal types.

Lateral mobile shelving

Lateral mobile shelving (one shelving unit affixed to the wall combined with one or two other shelving units on tracks) moves easily from left to right and offers easy access to your documents.

Manual mobile shelving

Equipped with a fixed handle, manual mobile shelving is perfect for use in cramped offices where space is at a premium. It moves forward and backward and can be locked.

Mechanical mobile shelving

Mechanical mobile shelvingPopular among a large number of companies, this system makes it easier to move high-volume shelving units on tracks by means of a drive mechanism activated by a rotating handle..

Other storage solutions, including color-coded file storage shelving (simple and versatile) and file-box shelving (affordable and cost-effective), complement the wide range of possibilities available to you to facilitate your company’s day-to-day operations!

**Other advantages of mobile shelving ** - Adapts easily to any type of office space - Offers twice the storage capacity of a stationary unit - Can accommodate multiple levels of storage - Can be customized according to your needs

Professional file shelving services

Are you looking for filing or mobile shelving solutions at unbeatable prices? Numerous services are available to you, including document digitization. It really is possible to combine productivity and convenience! Contact the experts at JUL to find out how.

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