Why opt for a mobile shelving solution?

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Why opt for a mobile shelving solution?

Are you looking for a high-density shelving solution for your company? Are you wondering if this type of system is truly effective and worth the investment? JUL Solutions can satisfy all of your storage needs, whether for your office, your warehouse or elsewhere, by replacing your traditional shelving with personalized storage systems.

This Quebec-based company, which values human interaction and direct contact with clients, can offer you a comprehensive custom storage solution, including shelving on tracks. The appraisers and, if necessary, the engineers will come to your location, no matter where you are in Quebec, to offer you a custom solution adapted to your needs. They’ll even take the time to give you a detailed explanation of the various possibilities.

The advantages of a high-density shelving solution

The design analysts at JUL Solutions can give you expert advice regarding the most suitable products for your needs, in addition to creating the most efficient arrangement, based on your requirements and the layout of your location. Thanks to the comprehensive custom high-density shelving solutions they offer, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Increase your usable space by up to 60 percent without having to move or resort to construction
  • Optimize the workspace you already have and make it more cost-effective
  • Access all of your documents quickly and easily
  • Use your space efficiently and economically
  • Scale your system as your company grows

The various mobile shelving options from JUL Solutions

The ingenious storage systems from the JulMobile product line include various mobile shelving solutions to help you optimize your space. Here are a few examples:

  • Lateral mobile shelving starts with a back row of shelves affixed all along the wall. In front of this, there are one or two rows of mobile shelving on rails, which move easily to the left or the right with a simple push. This lateral displacement enables you to move aside the elements in the front so you can easily access the shelving in the rear.

- Manual mobile shelving allows you to move the shelving units forward and backward with the aid of a fixed handle. Available in various formats, it can also include a locking mechanism. What’s more, it’s sturdy enough to support loads of up to 1,000 pounds per linear foot (1,500 kilos per linear meter).

  • Mechanical mobile shelving on tracks is an extra high-density mobile shelving system that’s very popular among companies that require units larger than 48 inches (120 centimeters). A rotating handle activates the drive mechanism, making it possible to move even the most voluminous shelving units with ease.

You can count on JUL Solutions—a family-owned-and-operated Quebec-based company in business since 1973—to evaluate your premises and precisely determine your needs. To help you economize space, they can advise you regarding an efficient storage system that’s adapted to meet your requirements and suited to the layout of your premises. In addition to the multitude of mobile shelving options available to you, they can offer you other products, including lockers, blueprint storage, file boxes and more. Contact them today!

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