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Need space? Expand from the inside!

You may be able to reclaim up to 60% of the floor space you already have without needing to move to a larger location or build an addition. Let Jul Solutions experts assess your surroundings and install an efficient filing system that will save you space, suck as archive mobile shelving, storage racking or metal storage shelves. We’re a family-owned business since 1973. If you wish, you can use our calculator to find out how much space you might be able to save by replacing your traditional file cabinets with our personalized archive storage systems.

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Advantages of a personalized
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Our storage products

Système de rangement Étagère mobile Déplacement latéral

JulMobile – Lateral movement

This JulMobile system is designed for installation against a wall and is comprised of a row of stationary shelves, to which can be added one or two rows of mobile shelving units. Those mobile units are set on tracks and can be pushed from side to side to access the contents.

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étagère mobile à déplacement

JulMobile – Manual Drive

The JulMobile manual drive system is designed to be pushed or pulled on tracks using a fixed handle. This system is ideal to maximize space in a small office and it can be fitted with a locking mechanism.

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Systeme de rangement_etagere mobile Deplacement mecanique

JulMobile – Mechanical Drive

The JulMobile mechanical drive system is also built on tracks, but it is designed for larger (48 inches long), heavier shelving units, with a rotating handle that makes it very easy to move.

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Systeme de rangement etagere a dossiers econo V

Econo V shelving unit

The sturdiness of the Econo V shelving unit offers strength beyond the industry load capacity requirements, which makes it a perfect choice for both industrial and commercial applications. This storage racking has universal posts that can be used with wood or metal shelves and is an ideal choice for the archive storage
(in storage filing boxes).

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Kameleon shelving

KAMELEON shelving for everyday and mid-range use offers exceptional strength and durability for a variety of storage applications. The KAMELEON shelving system includes both “L” and “T” posts, allowing it to be configured in various combinations. Once assembled, the system has no visible holes or fasteners on the exterior of the shelving. The buttonhole uprights combined with double rivet cleats are designed to ensure maximum strength and durability as well as double access (back-to-back shelves), for optimal storage capacity on a reduced surface area. Shelves may have slots to accommodate adjustable shelf dividers. Perforated shelves are also available to meet the usual fire protection standards and to promote air circulation. All shelves are designed to allow the system to be extended and can be movable. Powder paint coatings ensure a hard, durable, premium quality finish. LT shelving is ready to assemble and requires no special tools.

Systeme de rangement etagere bibliotheque Cantilever Horizon

Horizon library shelving

Its cantilever design makes the Horizon shelving system very sturdy and easy to install. It can be fitted with a wide array of accessories, tailoring it to your exact needs. It can also be reconfigured endlessly without ever compromising its design.

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Systeme de rangement Entreposage divers

Other products

Jul Solutions has everything you need for storage. On top of the various shelving, archive storage and storage racking options we offer, we also provide lockers, blueprint storage, storage filing boxes and more.

Complementary services

Not only can our well-informed representatives offer advice about which product would best suit your reality, but they can also put together a detailed plan based on the specifications of your workplace and available rooms. They will even collaborate with your architects and designers before your office is even built for best results!