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Increase floor space through more efficient space layout

Do you need to expand your work space? Unfortunately, building new office space or moving to a new location can be very expensive solutions. Often, the best option is to optimize the space already available at your current premises.

At JUL Solutions, that’s exactly the strategy we recommend. Our smart storage systems brand, known as “JulMobile,” delivers solutions that include manual mobile shelving designed to help you free up valuable space in your workplace.

Smart storage = more space to work with

Thanks to its user-friendly design, our manual mobile shelving system allows you to move shelving units back and forth using a fixed handle. This is truly an ideal solution that enables you to maximize storage capacity within tight or confined spaces. In addition, if you like, your manual mobile shelving units can be fitted with a locking mechanism.

This robust product was built to withstand loads of up to 1,000 pounds per linear foot (or 1,500 kilograms per linear metre). What’s more, the manual mobile shelving system is available in varying formats. We build this product to your specifications; as a result, you can be sure it meets your needs and fits perfectly within your premises.

Like all of our storage systems, our manual mobile shelving units enables you to free up space and make the best use of all of your work areas.

Equipment to complement our mobile storage systems

JUL Solutions offers not only industrial storage solutions for companies from every sector, including hospitals, clinics, professional services (notaries, lawyers, etc.), government and para-governmental agencies and various industries, but also a whole series of products to help you optimize your work and storage spaces. In fact, we offer personalized heavy-duty storage and archive filing for professionals. Among other products, we propose document storage systems that you can equip with file boxes, metal shelving and lateral mobile shelving. Our experts would be happy to come and meet with you in order to discuss custom models of storage and filing equipment for your business!

At JUL Solutions, we’re up to speed on all the latest technological advances, enabling us offer you premium paper document digitization services. Thanks to our state-of-the-art digitization equipment, we can scan all types of documents (records, blueprints, etc.) quickly, securely and efficiently, in full compliance with all applicable laws and in accordance with the strictest practices in the industry. Our equipment can digitize 600 images per minute with optical character recognition (OCR). Thanks to our service, you can reduce the volume of your company records and maintain easy access to all your documents. We digitize professional documents in our Boisbriand location, which is monitored by surveillance equipment in order to ensure the total security of your files. What’s more, our company holds a certificate of registration with the Controlled Goods Program, permitting us to digitize the documents of such high-security organizations as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

JUL Solutions is a Quebec-based family-owned-and-operated company that has been specializing in professional filing, storage and digitization solutions for businesses since 1973. Transforming our clients’ work and storage spaces into opportunities in order to make life easier for their businesses has become something of a company motto for us!

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