Personalized filing, archive storage solutions and document scanning service

Jul Solutions specializes in filing, storage and digitization and serves a wide range of businesses in all areas and industries. Founded in 1973 by Gabriel J. Giguère, the company was formally known as F.D. Jul. More recently, the company was entrusted to Gabriel’s sons, Alain and Stéphane, who basically grew up within its walls. They’ve succeeded in making JUL Solutions an archive storage solutions and document management company, modular shelving systems and also offering documents scanning service, on the cutting-edge of technology.

Our vision : converting your space into possibilities.

Choosing the wrong tools for the job can impair the management of your workspace. Filing is one of the most important tools in any business, and doing it wrong can slow you down. This is where Jul Solutions comes in.

JUL Solutions, the business storage company par excellence, values its human relations with its clients. In order to serve its clientele from every business sector promptly and effectively, JUL Solutions has two locations, one on the North Shore of Montreal, in Boisbriand, and another in Quebec City, in addition to a mobile team in Ontario.

100% Quebecois Family Business

Why choose JUL?

  • For filing solutions completely tailored to your every need.
    JUL Solutions offers you document filing solutions that are durable, smart and customized, enabling you to save time and increase productivity by up to 40 percent, thus improving your bottom line. You can make life easier in your company, thanks to our vast selection of high-quality versatile filing folders and accessories that are suitable for companies from all different areas of business.
  • For storage solutions that expand and adapt as your company grows and changes.
    At JUL Solutions, thanks to our experience and expertise, business document management is no mystery to us! Did you know that filing is one of the most important components of any business? By making JUL Solutions your document management company, you can save time and increase productivity by up to 40 percent!
  • For office furnishing solutions and furniture delivery and installation.
  • For imaging solutions that are professional, practical and time saving.
    JUL Solutions is also a professional document scanning company. In fact, thanks to our professional-quality digitization equipment that can scan up to 600 images per minute and our specialized optical character recognition (OCR) software, we can offer you secure, efficient, affordable documents scanning service for all types of documents, in full compliance with current industry regulations and best practices.

The experts at Jul Solutions assess the specific needs of your business and create a complete archive storage solutions that is perfectly suited to your reality.

Recognized expertise and in-depth
knowledge of filing products.

The success of Jul Solutions is largely due to the collaboration of a competent, knowledgeable and stable team; some of the team members have in fact been on board since
the very beginning.

Of course, to achieve success, a business also needs to evolve and improve, and Jul Solutions stays on top of the latest and greatest trends in the field of document management. Having begun its journey specializing in traditional filing and storage products and services, such as file folders, metal storage shelves and stationary shelving units, Jul Solutions then designed and created JulMobile, modular shelving systems that allows one to easily move shelving units on tracks. To this day, JulMobile is still the company’s star product.

As we move further into the digital age, Jul Solutions has once again stepped up, and now offers document scanning, also known as imaging, or digitization.

Our areas of expertise

Hospitals and clinics

Professional Services
(Law offices, etc.)


Government and
parapublic organizations


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