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A super-flexible storage solution ideal for any work environment

This may be the digital age, but paper is still going strong! Paper documents, paper files, and archives are part of the administrative and financial reality of all companies – and so is managing all of these physical records. That’s why it’s so important to have effective storage solutions that provide quick and easy access to your files and documents at all times.

At JUL Solutions, we’re very familiar with this reality. And that is why, over the years, we’ve designed file storage shelving systems that adapt to any work environment whatever its size and layout.

Transform available spaces into genuine resources

Our file storage systems have never stopped evolving and improving. First and foremost, they were space saving solutions; in fact, that’s why we created a family of storage shelving products called “Econo.” Over time, however, we placed greater emphasis on our products’ flexibility, that is, their ability to adapt to current and evolving customer needs.

We gave our current storage shelving product a name that neatly encapsulates its capabilities: Kameleon. This is a highly versatile solution that can satisfy any storage needs. Tell us what you need the product to do, and we build those capabilities into it. We can, for example, equip your  shelving solution with a broad range of convenient features, including drawers, doors, sliding panels, tabs, and other components in accordance with your specifications.

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