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Modular shelving and storage solutions for efficient library operations

All libraries must deploy the following features in combination: sufficiently compact stacks, easy access to materials, and ease of use of all facilities. To help them achieve these goals, JUL Solutions provides modular shelving and storage for libraries in either horizontal or vertical orientation. These systems enable libraries to attain their space-saving objectives while providing their users with quiet settings conducive to thought and concentration as well as pleasant and convenient workspaces for consulting and reading documents.

Smart stacks and easy access

At JUL Solutions, we recognize that space management in libraries is a dynamic process. That is why our modular shelving and storage for libraries are effective systems on several fronts. They provide high-density shelving, eye-catching display platforms, and storage solutions that free up space for other equipment or uses, for example, conference and meeting rooms and coffee or lounge areas.

Our achievements

Shelving of the Félix Leclerc school library in Montreal Library shelves by JUL Solutions

Practical and elegant solutions for libraries

Our modular shelving and storage for libraries are structures whose supporting columns are hidden from view. As a result, these library shelving and storage systems are also a visually appealing solution for storing and showcasing books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and other documents.

In addition to our modular shelving and storage for libraries, we provide storage solutions for all your private-use resources, including your administrative documents.

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