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For half a century, JUL Solutions has been offering incomparable document management services to companies throughout Quebec, from virtually every sector, including hospitals, libraries, professional services, government agencies, financial institutions, libraries, industries, shops and more.

In fact, this family-owned-and-operated Quebec-based company, founded in 1973 by Gabriel J. Giguère and today under the leadership of his two sons, Alain and Stéphane, specializes in company document management. The company, which offers document filing, storage and digitization services, places a high value on human interaction with its clientele.

JUL Solutions has two locations—one in Boisbriand on the North Shore of Montreal and another in Quebec City—in order to better serve its increasingly diversified and numerous clients.

A comprehensive solution for company document filing

Over the years, JUL Solutions has always managed to remain on the cutting edge of the technological advances in the professional filing industry. The experience and expertise of this Quebec-based family business have enabled it to shine in the design and distribution of products related to company filing and document organization, as well as in the area of document digitization technology.

Products for filing documents and records

système de rangement de dossiers numérotésAt JUL Solutions, we offer you company filing solutions that are smart, durable and personalized to help you save time and money. In fact, improper document filing can significantly hinder a company’s efficiency, leading to significant financial losses.

By using our filing products, you can increase your efficiency by up to 40 percent through better time management of your personnel, thereby reducing your operating costs. At JUL Solutions, thanks to the experience and expertise of our team of qualified, professional technicians who know the realities and demands companies from various sectors face in terms of filing, we can offer you a vast selection of high-quality, custom filing accessories that are versatile and durable. Eliminate filing errors, save time and make your life easier with our filing products, including filing folders, archiving boxes and labels with years, numbers and letters.

Custom solutions for document organization and storage

Services Entreprise JUL SolutionsThanks to the document organization solutions offered by JUL Solutions, you can optimize your workspaces, making them more cost-effective. In fact, with our custom storage systems, your company will gain workspace by optimizing your use of all available square footage. Expand internally by installing an efficient storage solution adapted to your needs. It will enable you to recover up to 60 percent of your workspace while facilitating access to your files, records and products. We can design and manufacture ingenious, scalable storage products that can grow along with your business. What’s more, we make a wide range of storage solutions available to you. These include mobile shelving from the JulMobile line of products, fixed shelving or file shelves, lockers, blueprint storage and numerous other heavy-duty storage products to simplify your life.

Scanning documents efficiently

Would you like to digitize a document? More companies than ever are digitizing their archives, as well as their current documents. And with reason! Professional document scanning will help you save time by facilitating access to work documents, save space by reducing the volume of your company files and save money by increasing your productivity. At JUL Solutions, we offer you high-quality professional document scan service that’s secure, quick, efficient and affordable, in full compliance with all applicable laws and current industry practices. Our assessors will visit your locations in order to evaluate your needs and propose a detailed, custom solution for scanning documents of your company.

Thanks to our professional-quality digitization equipment and our specialized optical character recognition (OCR) software, we can scan the content of files, blueprints and books at up to 600 images per minute with high photographic quality.

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